Hebrew Baby Names

By | January 16, 2015
AARON Teaching, singing M
ABBA Father M
ABEL A breath M
ABIGAIL Joy of the Father F
ABNER Father of Light M
ABRA Mother of Nations F
ABRAHAM Father of Nations M
ABRAM Father of Nations M
ABSOLOM Father is Peace M
ADAH Adornment F
ADAM Of the Earth M
ADAMINA Of the Earth F
ADARA Exalted, praised F
ADERES Protector F
ADIEL God\’s ornament E
ADIN Beautiful, Adorned F
ADINA Noble, delicate F
ADLAI God is just M
ADONAI God is my Lord M
ADONIA God is my Lord F
ADRIEL Congregation of God E
AFRA Young Deer F
AHAVA Friendship F
AKIVA To hold by the heel M
ALIJAH The Lord is my God (form of Elijah) M
ALIZA Joyful F
ALIZE Joyful F
AMARIS Promised by God F
AMIEL My people belong to God E
AMOS Burdened, laden M
ANITA Gracious, merciful F
ANN Gracious, merciful F
ANNA Gracious, merciful F
ANNE Gracious, merciful F
ARDICE Flowering Field F
ARI Lion E
ARIC Diminutive form of Ari or Ariel M
ARIEL Lion of God E
ARIELLA Lion of God F
ARIELLE Lion of God F
ARIEN Enchanted E
ARIN Enlightened F
ARION With Melody E