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Unisex Baby Names

NAME MEANING GENDER ABBY Joy of the Father (from Abigail) E ADIEL God\’s ornament E ADRIEL Congregation of God E AFRICA Africa E AFTON From Affa\’s settlement E AIDAN Little fire E AIKEN Little Adam E AIM Direct Toward Target E AINDREA Man E AINSLEY From Annesley or Ansley E AINSLIE From Annesley or Ansley… Read More »

Baby Boy Names

NAME MEANING GENDER AARON Teaching, singing M ABA Father M ABBA Father M ABBOTT Abbot M ABDUKRAHMAN Servant of the most gracious (God) M ABDULKAREEM Servant of the most generous (God) M ABDULLAH Servant of Allah M ABDULRAHMAN Servant of the most gracious (God) M ABE Father of a nation (from Abraham) M ABEL A… Read More »

Baby Girl Names

NAME MEANING GENDER AADI Beginning F AALIYAH High, sublime F AARALYN From Ara or Aaron and Lynn F ABARNE Branches F ABBIE Joy of the Father (from Abigail) F ABENI Girl Prayed For F ABIA Great F ABIBA Child Born After Grandmother Died F ABIGAIL Joy of the Father F ABRA Mother of Nations F… Read More »