Popular American Baby Names

By | January 16, 2015


BARBIE Stranger (from Barbara) F American
BARBRA Stranger (alternative spelling of Bar F American
BAYLE Beautiful E American
BEA Blessed F American
BELVA Combination of Bella and Alva F American
BEONICA Advisor Beyond F American
BETTE God is my oath (diminutive form of El F American
BEYONCE Name invented for Beyonce Knowles by F American
BIANA Fair Skinned F American
BLONDELLE Little blonde one F American
BLUE The Color E American
BOBBY Diminutive form of Robert E American
BRANDI Warm and comforting F American
BRANDICE Combination of BRANDI and CANDICE F American
BRANDIE Brandy F American
BRANDY Brandy F American
BRASEN Bold E American
BRENDY Sword F American
BRENNA Feminine form of Brennan F American
BREYON High, noble E American
BRILLIANT To Sparkle E American
BRINA Diminutive form of Sabrina F American
BROOKLYN New York borough E American
BRYANNE High, noble F American
BRYE Combination of Bree and Skye F American
BRYSON Son of Brice M American
BUBBA Brother M American
BUCK Deer, Cowboy M American
BUD Messenger, Friend M American
BUDDY Friend M American
BUFFY Possibly from Elizabeth F American
BUNNY Little Rabbit F American
BUTCH Manly E American
BUTTERFLY A Butterfly F American
CABLE Rope E American
CACHE Storage Place E American
CACTUS From the Cactus Plant E American
CADE Pure E American
CADEE Pure F American
CADEN Fighter E American
CADY Simple Happiness F American
CAILYN Pure Beauty F American
CAL Short for names beginning with CAL E American
CAMBREE From Wales F American
CANDID Hidden E American